Cast Iron Cookware

I use cast-iron cookware for all cooking. A well-seasoned pan, skillet, or dutch over of cast iron is easier to clean than the chemical-rich Teflon ware. The cookware is heavy, I'll grant that. But so what. It keeps me in shape, my arms are not getting weaker with age, but stronger.

Our blood is rich with iron according to our doctor; I believe it is due to cooking in these cast-iron skillets and pans.   My cast-iron skillets have been in use since at least the 1940s.

I have three large cast-iron skillets, two small cast-iron skillets, a cast-iron sauce pan, a dutch oven,  cast-iron muffin pan, and cast iron lids that work on various pans.  I keep them well-seasoned and believe me, they are easier to clean than Teflon pans.

I've cooked in these pans for at least twenty years. I highly recommend them.

Neon Open Sign in Kitchen

You know you are a successful cook when you get a neon open sign to put in your kitchen. Well, at least you can turn it off when you don't want to cook.

Ozark cooks are so seasoned at the job that they seem to prepare a wonderful meal without any effort. You might even think the meal just appeared out of nowhere.

And after the meal, you walk into kitchen and it's as clean as if nothing had transpired at all just an hour ago.  Yet, my experience in the kitchen has me convinced that there is no meal so simple and easy that it can ever take less than 2 full hours from start to putting the last washed dish away when the meal is over.