Lavender Sachets and Lavender Tea

Sweet-scented lavender is one of nature's gifts to us. Once you get your lavender herb bed started and coming up more each year, you will always be rich.

There are a number of variety's of lavender but lavandula vera is the most popular scented variety.

It is best to start lavendar from seed in my opinion. I live in southwestern Missouri in the Ozarks and had a wonderful lavender start going at my Mom's old house, but I had to move and start all my plants over.

I only moved about 15 miles northwest and it has only been four years, so to this date, getting lavender started again was low on my priority list. But I am going for it this spring (2012).

Camomile Flower Uses

Camomile flowers Anthemis nobilis have many uses and all of them are soothing.  If you want to make Camomile tea, pick the flowers when the white petals begin to droop.  I have never seen an exact measurement of how much camomile flowers to add so just make it to your taste.  Drink a cup of camomile tea just about bedtime. Sweet dreams.

I remember Peter Rabbit's mother giving him a cup of camomile tea and never forgot it.  Maybe that is why I dearly love my camomile tea in the evenings when I have some.