Seeking a Focus I Enjoy

This blog started out as a pioneer woman's recipes and remedies but it didn't attract a lot of visitors so I studied around and decided to write about one subject only: cinnamon and spices like cinnamon. That was fine and I might continue with that theme.

However, I miss the old time research for very old recipes and old time remedies and with the Great Depression once again coming upon us, such information would be useful. So please bear with me while I now zero in on what this recipe and remedy blog needs to consolidate to.

Cast Iron Cook Ware Healthier

I have been cooking in cast iron cookware for as long as I can remember. When I went to the doctor for routine checkup, I was told my blood was rich in iron. He asked me what I took? Geritol, etc. None of those, I said, but I do cook in cast iron cook ware. As older doctors tend to do, he shrugged off the idea that the cookware made my blood so healthy and rich. But then he couldn't suggest any other reason for the test results.

I shy away from aluminum for the same reasons, only in reverse. I think aluminum cookware poisons the food being cooked, not big time poison but over years, I think it could lead to Alzheimer's and other mental problems.
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Subtle Aroma of Cinnamon Drives Men Wild

Gentle Aroma of Cinnamon is an Aphrodisiac for Men

Men love pumpkin pie and the aroma of an apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon; men love cinnamon rolls -- but they probably don't realize that it is the cinnamon in the kitchen that makes them want to hug and kiss the cook.
Ginger and nutmeg also can do wonders.